Constitution of "THE BASE PHOTO & FILM ASSOCIATION" +++google translation+++

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Constitution of "THE BASE PHOTO & FILM ASSOCIATION" +++google translation+++

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(Balearic Service Photo & Film Association)

Chapter I
Name, address and purpose

Article 1

With the name "THE BASE PHOTO & FILM ASSOCIATION" constitutes an association, under Article 22 of the Constitution, must regulate their activities in accordance with the Law 1/2002, of March 22, and with its Statutes. The association is open-ended, lacking profit.

Article 2

The aims of the association are:

- Bringing together the largest number of businesses, professionals and artists in the field of audiovisual production services and film of the island, to act as a necessary and effective support between them.

- Provide support to business and industry professionals in the logistics of their productions, establishing efficient mechanisms and management information to the public.

- The promotion, development and promotion of the services sector to the production of audiovisual and cinematographic industry Mallorca as autonomous encouraging the participation of businesses, professionals and artists from Mallorca in audiovisual and film projects, both national and international.

- Generate business linkages, professionals, and initiatives and cooperative projects among the members, as with any economic sector of Mallorca and institutions of any kind involved in the development of the film and audiovisual industry in general and emerging economic sector, developing and strengthening the industrial base of the

- Support the promotion and development of cinema in all its aspects, and the development of the legal, labor, social, training, policies, information dissemination and market that favor the development of cinema in the Islands Baleares.

- To become a forum for discussion, promotion and dissemination of all those activities to assist and promote the audiovisual and cinematographic de Mallorca, and support all initiatives and strategies to simplify any legal process for the development of shoots, promotion and participation in the adoption of more effective legislation enabling the attraction of shooting on the island of Mallorca, and in general any initiative and strategy for the promotion, development and reinforcement of the audiovisual industry.

Article 2.1

To achieve these objectives, the following activities will be developed:

- Promote the visibility of the Association and its members before the general public and any public and private sectors to defend the aims of the Association.

- Creating a website with a database that appear in each of the companies. Professional artists and members of the association in different categories.

- Establish and maintain relationships and partnerships or, if appropriate, affiliation, union or accession with all types of federations, confederations, associations or any other entities, both national and regional or international, considered suitable for the best defense and promotion of the objectives of the association.

- Serve as a point of contact between the partners

- Collaborate with the Public Administration to promote the sector, apoyayando initiatives aimed at achieving the objectives of the Association, in particular in relation to the promotion of policy changes needed to implement incentives to attract any kind of audiovisual productions to Mallorca, and training, awareness and sensitization of the Mallorcan, the island's economic sectors and public institutions about the economic benefits of attracting Mallorca shoots to the island and strengthening audiovisual sector, and the need of adequate national and international promotion.

Article 3

The Association establishes its registered office at c / Tetuan Street, number 26, Zip 07011 Palma de Mallorca, and its territorial scope is the Community of the Balearic Islands.

Chapter II
The members of the association, their rights and obligations

Article 4

Association shall be of the legal and natural persons with legal capacity who have come of age and are interested in the development of the aims of the Association.
Those wishing to join the Association should submit a written request to the Board, which will decide on the issue in the first meeting to take place and communicate in the most immediate General Assembly.

Within the Association there will be the following classes of members:

a) Partners founders, having the quality of partner since the constitution of the Association.
b) Number Partners, who will be entering after the constitution of the Association
c) Honorary Members, those whose prestige or for contributing so relevant to the dignity and development of the goals pursued by the Association. The appointment of honorary members shall be the Board.
d) Friends and support members (Members without representation)

Article 5

The number and founding partners have the following rights:

1) Take part in all the activities organized by the Association in accordance with its purposes.
2) Enjoy all the advantages and benefits that the Association can obtain.
3) Participate in general meetings and vote.
4) Be voters and candidates for leadership positions.
5) To represent in each case are accorded.
6) To present to the general assembly and the board to consider everything that may contribute to the association and the effectiveness of the implementation of the basic social objectives.
7) Be informed of the decisions taken by the bodies of the Association.
Cool Use common services that the association establish or have available.
9) Have a copy of the Statutes.
10) Be informed of the composition of the governing and representative bodies.

Article 5.1

The founding partners and number have the following obligations:

a) Meeting the Statutes and valid agreements of the Assemblies and Board.
b) Maintain collaboration it takes for the proper functioning of the association and attend the Assemblies and other events organized.
c) satisfy the dues on time, extraordinary expenses and other contributions in accordance with the statutes and the mandates of the General Assembly may correspond to each partner.
d) Perform, in each case, the obligations inherent in the position they occupy.
e) To contribute to their behavior to good name and prestige of the Association.

Article 6

Honorary members shall have the same obligations as the founders and except number of paragraphs c) and d) of the preceding article. Also have the same rights except those listed in paragraph 4) and 7), Article 5. At assemblies may attend with voice but no vote.

Article 7

The causes of low of the association are:

1. By decision of the person concerned, which must inform in writing to the board.
2. Not meet the quotas.
3. Not meet statutory obligations

Chapter III
General Assembly

Article 8

1. The general assembly is the supreme body of the association, its members are part of her own right and indispensable.
2. The members of the association, meeting in General Assembly legally constituted majority decide matters within the competence of the assembly.
3. All members are subject to the decisions of the general assembly, including absentees, who disagree and present who abstained from voting.

Article 9

The General Assembly has the following powers:

a) Amend the Articles of Association.
b) Monitor activity and management board.
c) approve the annual budget of expenses and income, and the annual report of the activities.
d) To elect the members of the board, remove them and replace them.
e) Establish general guidelines that would meet the objectives of the association.
f) set the quotas that members of the association have to meet.
g) dissolve and liquidate the partnership.

Article 10

1. The general assembly has to meet in regular session at least once a year.
2. The general assembly has to meet in extraordinary session if needed, upon request of the board or when requested by a number of members of the association that represents at least 10% of the total, in the latter case, must do so within a period not exceeding fifteen days.

Article 11

1. Notice of meetings of the General Assembly, both the ordinary and the extraordinary, has to be done by any means ensuring proper evidence of it. The announcements of the call must be placed in locations to be determined, with a minimum of 15 days. The notification must also go to all members individually. The notice must specify the date, time and place of meeting, and the agenda. They have to mandatorily included in the agenda of the session of the general assembly issues arouse each working group, provided that previously have been disclosed to the board.
2. The association president presides over meetings of the general assembly. If not, replace it, in turn, the vice-president or the vowel or older board. It should act as secretary the person occupying this position on the board or the person that replaces it.
3. The secretary has to prepare the minutes of each meeting of the General Assembly, which has to read the minutes of the previous meeting to approve or amendments. Anyway, five days before the minutes and other documents must be made available to local social partners.

Article 12

1. The session of the General Assembly shall be validly constituted on first call with the attendance of at least one third of the members with voting rights present or represented.
2. Quorate, at second call regardless of the number of members present or represented. The second call has to be made?? Hrs after the first and in the same place, and must have been announced along with the first.
Article 13

1. At meetings of the General Assembly, one vote to each member of the association.
2. The agreements have to be made by a simple majority vote of those present or represented.
3. To adopt resolutions on the separation of the members, the amendment of the statutes, the dissolution of the association, the constitution of a federation with similar associations or integration into an existing layout or alienation of property and compensation for board members representation, and the election of the board if you have several applications, you need a qualified majority of those present or represented, that will result when the yeas exceed half of these, both the first and second call.

Chapter IV
The board

Article 14

1. The Association shall be managed and represented by a Board of Directors composed of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine, to be determined by the General Assembly.

2. The election of members of the board must be made by vote of the general assembly.

3. The General Assembly shall appoint from among the members of the Board, a President, a Vice?, A Secretary and a Treasurer, with the remaining members of the Board for consideration by Members.

4. The exercise is free of charge.

Article 15

1. The members of the board hold office for a period of 1 year.
2. The dismissal of the charges before dying within the statutory mandate may be given by any of the following reasons:

a) Voluntary resignation submitted by letter to the board.
b) incapacitating illness to hold the office.
c) Low as a member of the association.
d) Penalty for a foul committed in the performance of duties.
e) by a vote of half + 1 of the members

Article 16

The board has the following powers:

a) To represent, lead and manage the partnership as broadly recognize the law and also comply with the decisions of the general assembly, in accordance with the rules, instructions and guidelines established.
b) Take the agreements it takes in relation to the appearance before the public and to exercise any kind of legal action and relevant resources.
c) To propose to the General Assembly to establish quotas for members of the association have to meet.
d) Present the balance sheet and statement of accounts for the year to the General Assembly for approval i prepare budgets for the following year.
e) Develop the annual activities and submit for approval by the general assembly.
f) Hire employees that the association may have.
g) To decide on the admission of new members.
h) Any other power not assigned a specific way to another governing body or association that has been expressly delegated.

Article 17

1. The board, whose members must first convene the president has to meet in regular session at intervals to decide its members, which in no case be less than three months.

2. You have to meet in special session when this character set with the President, or upon request 50% of the members that form.

3. They can only be part of the board partners. To be a member of the board is a prerequisite to be of age, be in full possession of civil rights and have no reason for incompatibility established in the legislation.

4. Any vacancy occurring during the term of any member of the board must be filled temporarily by the members from among those referred to the final choice by the general meeting called for that purpose.

Article 18

1. The board meeting quorate if members have been called in advance and there is a quorum of half plus one.
2. The board members are required to attend all sessions to be established but, for good cause, may be excused. The attendance of the president and secretary, or people that substitute, is always necessary.
3. The board has to take decisions by simple majority vote of those present.

Article 19

The resolutions of the board are to be recorded in the minutes book. At the beginning of each session of the board, has to read the minutes of the previous meeting for approval or rectified, if appropriate.

Chapter V
The president and vice-president of the association

Article 20

1. The president of the association so is the board.
2. The functions of the President are:
a) Direct and legally represent the partnership, delegated by the general assembly and board.
b) Preside over and direct the discussions, both the General Assembly and the board.
c) Issue a decisive casting vote in case of tie.
d) Set the convening of meetings of the general assembly and board.
e) Aim acts and certificates made by the secretary of the association.
f) The remaining functions of the position and delegated to it by the general assembly and the board.
3. The Vice-President or the vowel or older board, in this order, replace the President in case of absence or illness.

Chapter VI
The treasurer or treasurer and secretary

Article 21

The treasurer or treasurer serves to guard and control the resources of the association and also preparing the budget, the balance and the settlement of accounts. You must keep a cash book. You must sign receipts for fees and other treasury documents. You have to pay the bills approved by the board, which has to endorse prior to president.

The secretary or the vowel or older board, in this order, the treasurer or treasurer replaced in case of absence or illness.

Article 22

The secretary must keep documentation of the association, lift and sign the minutes of the meetings of the general assembly and board, writing and authorize it takes to deliver certificates, and also carry the logbook associated .

The treasurer or treasurer or the vowel or older board, in this order, replace the secretary in case of absence or illness.

Chapter VII
The vocal

Article 23

The vocals are the duties of office as members of the board, and also those arising from delegations or commissions work the same board handle them.

Chapter VII
The committees or working groups

Article 24
The creation and constitution of any committee or working group must ask the members of the association who want to form it, they have to make it known to the board and explain the proposed activities to be carried out.

Chapter VIII
The electoral system

Article 25

The board must hold elections at least one month before the end of the mandate period.

Article 26

The General Assembly has to elect members of the board vote by free and secret suffrage, in an extraordinary session of electoral convened for this purpose.
Entitled to vote for election and be elected board positions all adult members who are aware of their obligations to the association at the time the meeting takes place.

Article 27

1. Members wishing to stand for election must notify the board at least fifteen days before the date on which the election is to occur. The board has to publish applications in five days and then begin within five days to lodge complaints. Claims must be resolved within three days of the expiry.
2. Members who wish can be grouped and constitute a complete application, composed of as many candidates as charges have to be chosen. The partner or partner who has to spearhead timely communication to the board, following the procedure established in the previous section.

Article 28

1. The electoral board must be composed of the chairperson, the secretary and another member of the board, provided they are not candidates, or else by people who statutorily replace them.
2. The electoral board has to become the very day that the meeting takes place and must be checked applications submitted within the time and in shape then proceeded to proclaim the eligible applications.

Article 29

1. Each partner or partner must cast their ballots in the ballot box. It must proclaim the candidate that has received the most votes. In case of a tie, in the same act has to be a new election between the tied candidates and the candidate has to proclaim that the most votes.
2. If only one bid is submitted, does not have to be the vote and has chosen to proclaim the nomination submitted.

Chapter X
The economic

Article 30

This association has no foundational heritage. ¿?

Article 31

The funds of the association are obtained from:

- The fees set by the General Assembly for its members, whether entry fees, regular or extraordinary.
- Possible government or private grants or other possible donations, inheritances and legacies.
- The same property income or other income to be derived.
- Any other lawful use.

Article 32

All association members are obliged to support her through quotas, fashion and apportioned by the General Assembly, at the proposal of the board. The General Assembly may establish entrance fees, monthly installments, which must be paid by month, quarter or semester, whichever provides the board-and extra fees.

Article 33

The financial year coincides with the calendar year and ends on 31 December.

Chapter X

Article 34

Partnerships are dissolved by the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was created and, but, by the will of members expressed in the general meeting called for this purpose as well as for the reasons specified in Article 39 of the Civil Code and sentence court decision.

Article 35

1. Once agreed the dissolution, the General Assembly has to take appropriate measures with regard both to the purpose of the assets and rights of the Association as the aim, the termination and settlement of any pending operations.
2. Members of the association are exempt from personal responsibility. Your liability is limited to meet the obligations they have voluntarily.
3. The net surplus resulting from the settlement must be submitted directly to the charity or non-profit association that appointed the general assembly.
4. The settlement functions and implementation of agreements that refer to previous points in this article are the responsibility of the board, if the General Assembly has not given this mission in a liquidation committee specially appointed for this purpose.

Palma de Mallorca, 201.

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