"The Base" is...

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"The Base" is...

Post  Admin on Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:45 am

... a get together of all professionals out of the Photo and Film Industry on the Balearic Islands..

The aims of the association are:

- Bringing together the largest number of businesses, professionals and artists in the field of audiovisual production services and film of the island, to act as a necessary and effective support between them.

- Provide support to business and industry professionals in the logistics of their productions, establishing efficient mechanisms and management information to the public.

- The promotion, development and promotion of the services sector to the production of audiovisual and cinematographic industry Mallorca as autonomous encouraging the participation of businesses, professionals and artists from Mallorca in audiovisual and film projects, both national and international.

- Generate business linkages, professionals, and initiatives and cooperative projects among the members, as with any economic sector of Mallorca and institutions of any kind involved in the development of the film and audiovisual industry in general and emerging economic sector, developing and strengthening the industrial base of the

- Support the promotion and development of cinema in all its aspects, and the development of the legal, labor, social, training, policies, information dissemination and market that favor the development of cinema in the Islands Baleares.

- To become a forum for discussion, promotion and dissemination of all those activities to assist and promote the audiovisual and cinematographic de Mallorca, and support all initiatives and strategies to simplify any legal process for the development of shoots, promotion and participation in the adoption of more effective legislation enabling the attraction of shooting on the island of Mallorca, and in general any initiative and strategy for the promotion, development and reinforcement of the audiovisual industry.


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