Minutes of Meeting 22.05.13

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Minutes of Meeting 22.05.13

Post  jennie tpf on Thu May 30, 2013 9:29 pm

Minutes of Meeting 22.05.13 @ Watson Production

In Attendance: Javier, Claudia, Amaia, Heinz, Gareth, Rodolfo, Hardy, Ben, Helen, Margareta, Cem, Jennie, Norman, David

(Items in no particular order)

1. Inscriptions – there was some discussion as to the amount required from companies in order to cover set up costs (website, secretary etc.) and this seemed to be agreed on in the region of 300-500€ per year.
o ACTION REQUIRED: This information needs to be sent out to the +/- 40 companies who have indicated interest in joining the Base so we can gain a real indication of how many people are actually willing to put the money in. Jennie will do this w/c 03/06/13 along with general email bringing all up to date with work so far and items to be voted, with the aim of opening up involvement to a wider group of people.

2. Vote Roles - We need to vote roles e.g. President etc. It is understood that there are names that were submitted in order to complete the paperwork and that these names need to stay on the paperwork for a minimum of 6 months but in the meantime we do need to nominate people into these roles who actually have the time and desire to be actively involved.
o ACTION REQUIRED: Nominations required – by Friday 14th June (?) this will be confirmed in email w/c 03/05/13 mentioned in point 1. Jennie will collate nominations and this can then be followed by a forum vote – closing date say Friday 21st June (?)

3. Secretary – discussed whether to take on a paid secretary to take charge of the day to day managing of The Base. It was suggested that this would be a part time role, possibly +/- 900€ per month/ Some feel that this role needs to be more clearly defined before taking someone on. We also need to have funds in the bank first (subject to Point 1)
o ACTION REQUIRED: Claudia Joest is collating names of those interested. Assignment of position pending further discussion at future meetings/ money in bank.
o ACTION REQUIRED: a bank account needs to be opened in order to receive membership payments. David please confirm you are able to proceed with this?

4. Website – Gareth and Birgit have offered to work on this.
o ACTION REQUIRED: Gareth and Birgit will present a plan and budget at the next meeting. They have suggested requesting an initial nominal fee of say 20-50€ per company in order to at least get the website underway, with the remainder of the annual fee to be paid at a later date once an amount has been decided etc. I will open this up to a vote – to be announced in email w/c 03/05/13.

5. Autonomos – debate about whether autonomos should be required to pay in order to join the Base. No decision reached.
o ACTION REQUIRED: Vote will be set up in the forum and all people/ companies who indicated interest in joining The Base will be invited to vote. Jennie will set this vote up and include a link to it in the email sent w/c 03/06/13 mentioned in point 1.

6. Forum – there is still feeling that the forum is a preferable method of communication but no one is using it. Jennie offered to speak to Daniel about streamlining the forum in order to make it easier to use and also to assist as admin on the forum
o ACTION REQUIRED: I have spoken to Daniel and we will look at this. In the meantime we can communicate via email as long as you only reply to me and not reply all. In email to be sent to all members next week I will make sure a link to the forum is included.

7. Evolution Film Festival – Sandra Seeling Lipski came to introduce the Evolution International Film Festival held in LA, Cairo, Dubai and Palma. Held for the second year in Palma in November 2013. She discussed the need for collaboration and sponsorship either in . For more information see www.evolutionfilmfestival.com or contact sandra@evolutionfilmfestival.com tel. +1 917 294 9760/ +34 626 872 252.

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