What is "The Base" going to do?

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What is "The Base" going to do?

Post  jennie tpf on Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:50 am

The following activities will be developed:

- Promote the visibility of the Association and its members before the general public and any public and private sectors to defend the aims of the Association.

- Creating a website with a database that appear in each of the companies. Professional artists and members of the association in different categories.

- Establish and maintain relationships and partnerships or, if appropriate, affiliation, union or accession with all types of federations, confederations, associations or any other entities, both national and regional or international, considered suitable for the best defense and promotion of the objectives of the association.

- Serve as a point of contact between the partners

- Collaborate with the Public Administration to promote the sector, apoyayando initiatives aimed at achieving the objectives of the Association, in particular in relation to the promotion of policy changes needed to implement incentives to attract any kind of audiovisual productions to Mallorca, and training, awareness and sensitization of the Mallorcan, the island's economic sectors and public institutions about the economic benefits of attracting Mallorca shoots to the island and strengthening audiovisual sector, and the need of adequate national and international promotion.

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