Estatutos : Socios fundadores/Founding Partners

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Estatutos : Socios fundadores/Founding Partners

Post  efksound on Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:29 am


Visto que la Asociación ya esta legalmente constituida y según pone los estatutos, podríamos saber quienes son los socios fundadores ?

As the association is now legally established could we know who are the founding partners ?



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'Founding Members'

Post  jennie tpf on Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:47 pm


We have a list of the people who were involved with meetings right at the start of The Base so in theory I guess this is who would comprise 'founding members' however I stress that this does not convey any special status or responsibility to these people/ companies in particular, it's just those who, to date, have been most active in the establishment of the association.

Marga - Bright M
Helen - The Blondes Pool
Helen - Sugar & Spice
Martin - The Camera+Van
Norman - Watson Production
Cem - Watson Production
Jennie - The Production Factory
Ben - Ben Pictures
Daniel - Mallorca Flow
Chencho Coll
Belen Garau
Javi Torreiro
Juanjo Seda
David - Film Force One
Gareth - Palma Equipment Rental
Birgit - Palma Equipment Rental
Heinz-Walter - Mallorca lighting
Maria - The Blondes Pool
Hardy - Balearic Lighthouse
Rodolfo Bustos


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